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What is the motivation behind human decisions and behavior? Are human beings motivated primarily to avoid pain or seek pleasure — or is it to compete for dominance, or territory, or sex or some other goal?

What makes human beings intrinsically different from all other species on Earth? Do the rules of nature apply to human beings just as they do the animals or have we transcended them in some way? If so, what rules of nature have we transcended?

What are emotions? Why do we have them? How do they work? How powerful are they? How exactly do they affect us? Are emotions exclusive to human beings?

Why do individuals respond differently to the same stimuli and circumstances? What causes us to prefer certain careers? Why do we perform better in some social roles and not others?

What makes people compatible and why only some of the time? Assuming partners are compatible, what can they do to insure they remain enthusiastic about their compatibility?

What causes some people to be more sexual than others? What causes one’s sexual appetite to change? What is the secret to long-term success in romance? What is the secret to success in marriage?

What exactly is the emotional component of addiction? What causes people to become dependent on drugs and alcohol? Is alcoholism really a disease?

What is the best diet for human beings? Should our diet be low in carbohydrates or low in fats, high in fats but low in carbohydrates, or should it be high in protein but low in everything else?

What kind of exercise is best for maximizing health and longevity? What is the secret to maximizing energy and vitality?

What is the reason why some people seem to maintain a youthful appearance longer than others? Is it genetics, what we eat, or is it something else that we have overlooked?

What should be the role of the federal government? What is the best form of government for human beings? How should we punish those who break the law? At what point does a tax rate become excessive? Why has society failed to solve even one social problem? What is the real reason why half the world hates America, and so on.

These are just a few of the hundreds of questions about human nature that have not yet been answered by the conventional sciences. How can this be? All the confusion exists because a theory that explains human nature is missing.